Mount Pleasant & District Golf Club – Community Land Revocation

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The community is invited to provide their feedback regarding the proposed community land revocation at Mount Pleasant & District Golf Club.

Currently, the Golf Club occupies land which is comprised of four council owned parcels and one Crown land parcel, which are classified as community land with the Crown parcel being dedicated to Council as ‘Parklands’ under the Crown Land Management Act.

The Land was originally purchased in 1977 with a combination of a Federal grant, Council loans and Golf Club funds. The Land is currently leased to the Golf Club under a land-only lease arrangement, with the Golf Club having invested in the Land, and its many improvements over the years, and has managed both the Land and its infrastructure during this time.

The Council has contributed both financially and non-financially to the Land and its improvements, and continues to provide an annual financial contribution to the Golf Club for maintenance of the Land and the provision of services at their current level.

In May 2017 Council resolved that it considered the most appropriate land tenure option to be that of gifting the Land owned by the Council to the Golf Club, subject to the necessary land revocation processes, and consultation with the community before obtaining approval from the Minister. Therefore, on 19 March 2018 Council decided to commence public consultation on the proposal to revoke the Community Land status of the Land.

The Land is currently used by the Golf Club as a golf course, Footgolf facility and provides a community amenity for walking after established playing times. It is not anticipated that the future use of the Land will change as a result of the revocation of the community land status, or if the land is subsequently gifted to the Golf Club, as the Council will endeavour to secure the use of the Land for the community.

Feedback on the proposed community land revocation at Mount Pleasant & District Golf Club is open until 5pm 17 April 2019.

See below to view the Public Consultation Report, or provide feedback electronically in the form provided.

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